Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why the whales came

Title : Why the whales came

Author:Michael Morpurgo

Publish (date):1985 children's literature

Genre:Children's literature

The main characters are Gracie, Daniel. They live on the island of Bryher in the Isles of Scilly. There is one person on that island that Gracie and Daniel have been told to keep away from. Who lives on the south side of the island. There are rumours that the Birdman is mad and dangerous. One day the end up sailing their boat that they make south side of the island and bump into him. Birdman turn out to be a friendly man. and they begin a secret friendship with the old man. Mr. Woodcock, as the Birdman is really named, lived on the nearby isle of Samson – also out of bounds to everyone on Bryher – until it became uninhabitable and then retreated to his remote cottage. . One day a whale comes to the bay , that same day birdman tells them a story that is how Samson became cursed. The villagers hear the whales and come down to kill the whales. If they do the island future will not be good. Will Gracie and Daniel stop them ? find out.

 Excellent read keeps you on your toes with surprise. I loved this book , if you are into all genre read this book  10+ 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Title : Inheritance

Author: Christopher Paolini

Publish (date):2011 Doubleday

Genre:  Epic fantasy  

Inheritance is the last book in the series Eragon. The main character, Eragon, doesn't know how old he is and grew up not knowing his parents. He is now a rider and is in an army called Varden. This is an army that wants to stop Galbatorix, who is a rider  but he wanted to rule so he destroyed his own people but didn't kill them all. He went slightly mad once his dragon was killed so he twisted another dragon to his will and to be his  dragon. In this book Eragon and the army are trying to stop him. 

I recommend this book for ages 10 and up it is an excellent read. This series will keep you on your toes and you can't put it down because it has some many twisted and surprises.

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