Sunday, August 2, 2015


Title : Hood

Author : Stephew R. Lawhead

Genre :

" When Bran's father is murdered by Norman soldiers, he flees to London seeking justice. The journey is long and hard - and suffering of those he meets along the way fuels his anger.
With his demands dismissed, Bran has no choice but to return home, where a worse fate awaits him. His lands have been confiscated and his people enslaved by a brutal and corrupt regime.

Should Bran flee or protect his people by surrendering to his father's murderers? The answer, perhaps, is known only to the Raven King - a creature of myth and magic born of the forest darkest shadows  " ( form the back of the book )

When I read this book it made me want to read more and more. To me it drags me into the book and make me feel like the spar driving through my shoulder or shooting an arrow. I recommend this book for older readers.

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